CHILDREN'S voices sweetly ringing 

Through the clear and silent air, 

Children's voices gladly singing 

Of a Saviour's loving care. 

Children's faces brightly smiling 

In the darkest cloudy day, 

Children's laughter, care beguiling, 

Chasing sorrow far away. 

Children's prayer for evening blessing, 

Kneeling at a mother's knee, 

Children's little hands caressing, 

Softly—oh, so tenderly. 

Children's love—how pure, how holy, 

May I copy childhood's ways, 

Learning to be simple, lowly, 

Trusting, loving, all my days. 


THERE Is beauty in old winter, 

Though the streams neglect to flow, 

For the earth hath found a carpet 

Of newly driven snow.