ANYWHERE, everywhere, something to do!

Something for me, and something for you!

Work for the hand and work for the head,

Work for the winning of daily bread.

Never a day dawns but brings its own task;

What, only for me and for you is to ask;

Some are chosen to sweep, and others to spin;

Some to sow, some to reap, while some gather in.

Some must build ships, and some guide the helm,

Some fashion our garments, and some rule the realm;

Some fell the forests, some the fields till,

Some paint and some carve, some grind at the mill.

Some must buy and some sell, some traverse the sea,

Some God's preachers and judges and singers must be.

Let each to his task-work, list for the call

Christ worked, and the Father works high over all!

Some work in the shadow, some in the sun;

Some in joy, some in pain; but the Master is one,

Calling all to their tasks, portioning each his reward,

As he ceases his toil at the word of his Lord.

Work while the day lasts, work with a will;

Soon will the night come, when all will be still;

Sweet will it be, at the set of the sun,

To hear from the Master the welcome "Well done."