Little Child.

LITTLE child, when you're at play,

Do you know that Jesus sees you?

He it is who made the day,

Sunshine, birds, and flowers to please you.

Oh! then thank him much, and pray

To be grateful every day.

Little child, when you're afraid.

Do you know that Christ is by you?

Seek his care then; he has said,

Ask, and I will not deny you.

And he never fails to hear;

He will keep you, do not fear.

Little child, when you are bad,

Do you think that Jesus knows it?

Yes; and oh it makes him glad,

When you're sorry and disclose it.

Oh! then tell him quick, and pray

To grow better every day.

 A Child's Thought.

A LITTLE girl of three years, 

from beyond the Mississippi, 

who had never seen an apple 

tree in full bloom, beheld one 

in Ohio. She lifted her hands 

in the attitude of devotion, 

and exclaimed,

"See God's big bouquet!"