CHIPPIT and Pippit went out to play

In the three-tree meadow one summer day,

And pussy went too.

Said Chippit to Pippit, "I know the road,

Let us go the way that the dun cow go'ed,

Where the grass is new."

Now puss was cunning and old and wise,

And much had seen through the slits of her eyes,—

The sly old cat.

And this very morning she wanted a treat,

And she knew little chickies were good to eat,

And best when fat.

So she trimmed her whiskers and stretched her back,

And then set out on the chickies' track

With a noiseless tread.

She had happy thoughts as she stole along,

And she gave one purr by way of a song,

But no more she said.

Now Chippit was chasing a bumble-bee,

And Pippit a grasshopper under a tree,

When puss drew near;

Puss raised her head when she saw the twain;

But none saw Chippit and Pippit again,

Which is very queer;

For Chippit and Pippit had meant to roam

In the meadow awhile, and then go home

When they felt inclined.

But this I know, that pussy cat lay

And basked in the sun the rest of the day,

And pussy had dined!

Let all little chicks when they go to play,

Be sure to keep out of the tempter's way—

It is safest so.

Of evil company let them beware;

There is danger, danger everywhere

Where the wicked go.





Child's Companion.