EVERYTHING was hushed and quiet, 

Ticked the clock upon its shelf; 

All at once it voiced its ticking, 

Sang this song unto itself: 

"Time is going; time is going; 

Minutes hasten by; 

Every one with treasure laden,—

Catch them as they fly. 

"Catch them! Make your own, the treasures 

That the moments bring. 

If you linger, they will-vanish— 

Even on the wing. 

"Minutes do not yield their treasures 

With a lavish hand; 

They alone can hope to win them, 

Who with workers stand. 

"Work away with will, and wisely, 

Till the tasks are done; 

Then for you some of the treasures, 

Fairly will be won. 

"Time is going; time is going: 

Minutes hasten by; 

Every one with treasure laden, 

Catch them ere they fly." 

The Myrtle.