YES, Tom's the best fellow that ever you knew. 

Just listen to this: 

When the old mill took fire, 

And the flooring fell through,

And I with it, helpless, there, full in view, 

What do you think my eyes saw through the fire, 

That crept along, crept along higher and higher, 

But Robin, my baby boy, laughing to see 

The shining! He must have come there for me; 

Toddled along from the cottage without 

Any one missing him. Then with a shout 

Oh! How I shouted, "For Heaven's sake, men, 

Save little Robin!" Again and again 

They tried, but the fire held them back like a wall. 

I could hear them go at it, and at it, and call, 

"Never mind, baby, sit still like a man, 

We're coming to get you as fast as we can."

They could not see him, but I could; he sat 

Still on a beam, his little straw hat 

Carefully placed at his side, and his eyes 

Stared at the flames with a baby's surprise, 

Calm and unconscious, as nearer it crept.

The roar of the fire up above must have kept

The sound of the mother's voice shrieking his name

From reaching the child. But I heard it. It came

Again and again O God, what a cry!

The axes went faster, I saw the sparks fly

Where the men worked like tigers, nor minded the heat 

That scorched them when, when suddenly there at their feet

The great wall leaned in they saw him--then, crash, 

Down came the wall! The men made a dash

Jumped to get out of the way and I thought 

"All's up with poor little Robin," and brought 

Slowly the arm that was least hurt to hide 

The sight of the child there, when swift at my side, 

Some one rushed by, and went through the flame 

Straight as a dart caught the child, and then came 

Back with him choking and crying, but saved! 

Saved safe and sound.

Oh! You'd admire

To see Robin now: he is eight years old, 

And to me is worth his weight in gold; 

Tom it was saved him. Now isn't it true, 

Tom's the best fellow that ever you knew? 

There's Robin now see, he's strong as a log

And there comes Tom too yes, Tom is our dog. 

—Christian Child.