God Made The World In Beauty.

GOD made the world in beauty, in all its wondrous parts,

Evolving from his bosom, the essence of all arts;

When on the void of darkness, his mighty Spirit moved,

His love, his care and wisdom, the whole creation proved.

God made the world in beauty, in tiny grass and flower,

In glorious orange blossoms, and modest violet's power,

In lily, rose, and harebell, geranium, dahlia too;

In all that seek the noon-day, or sip the morning dew.

God made the world in beauty, behold the matchless pine,

The ever varying forms and hues of cold or sunny clime;

The olive and the cedar, the gopher, fir and palm,

From Arabia's scented bowers, to Gilead's healing balm.

God made the world in beauty, go taste his luscious fruits,

From all that wave the highest, or lowly grow as roots,

The apple, yam, banana, the plum, the pear, the lime;

And endless kinds of berries, sweet, gushing in their time.

God made the world in beauty, go view the flocks that


From camel in the desert, to mole in earth-built home;

The lamb in lovely innocence, the lion's waving mane,

In beauty God created all, all everywhere the same.

God made the world in beauty, observe the finny race,

From mighty whale of Northern seas, to tiny little dace;

The salmon, perch and pickerel or trout with speckled sides,

And all in lake and river, and ocean's mighty tides

God made the world in beauty, go stand upon the shore,

Of the mighty heaving ocean, when lashed in all its power,

Gather its wondrous wealth of shells, tinted with God-like


And bend thy knee in worship, nor think the homage much.

God made the world in beauty, go wander through the


In spell-bound wonder listen, to the feathery warbling band,

Observe their thousand tinted hues, a mottled glorious

throng, strong.

From the flashing little hummingbird, to the mighty eagle

God made the world in beauty, go search Golcondus


Or Brazil's golden river where the brilliant diamond shines,

Australia, California or Russia's frozen hills,

From sands of mighty river, to gems of mountain rills.

God made the world in beauty, go stand on hill or plain,

Behold the mighty king of day, with glorious quenchless


The lovely Queen of evening, shimmering o'er lake & sea,

And gem's reflected loveliness, in beauty all agree.

A comet flashing thro' the sky, a wanderer may seem,

Yet carries to some distant orb, his most resplendent beam,

And all in ceaseless harmony, and beauty circle through,

Their orbits marked by God himself in yon ethereal blue.

God made the world in beauty, 'behold thy matchless


From dust of earth created, endowed with being warm;

With limbs of perfect symmetry, and shape of glorious


God's master-piece of work on earth, his wisdom to unfold.

With mind of mighty compass, to understand the plan,

He has ordained in wisdom, for saving fallen man:

A mind to reason and compare, investigate, explore,

God made them all in beauty, to praise, love and adore