When, sometimes, our feet grow weary,

On the rugged hills of life 

The path stretching long and dreary

With trial and labor rife 

We pause on the toilsome journey,

Glancing backward in valley and glen, 

And sigh with an infinite longing

To return and begin again.

For behind is the dew of the morning,

In all its freshness and light; 

And before are doubts and shadows,

And the chill and gloom of the night. 

We remember the sunny places

We passed so carelessly then, 

And ask, with a passionate longing,

To return and begin again.

Ah, vain, indeed, is the asking!

Life's duties press all of us on, 

And who dare shrink from the labor,

Or sigh for the sunshine that's gone! 

And it may not be far on before us

Wait fairer places than then; 

Life's paths may yet lead by still waters,

Though we may not begin again.

Forevermore upward and onward

Be our paths on the hills of life, 

And soon will a radiant dawning

Transfigure the toil and the strife, 

And our Father's hand will lead us

Tenderly upward then; 

In the joy and peace of a fairer world,

He'll let us begin again.