Loch Katrine

A beautiful picture of this lake is presented in the following lines:—


"And thus an airy point he won,

Where, gleaming with the setting sun,

One burnished sheet of living gold,

Loch Katrine lay beneath him roll'd,

In all her length far winding lay,

With promontory, creek, and bay,

And islands that, empurpled bright,

Floated amid the livelier light,

And mountains, that like giants stand

To sentinel enchanted land.

High on the south, huge Benvenue

Down on the lake in masses threw

Crags, knolls, and mounds confusedly hurled,

The fragments of an earlier world.

A wildering forest feathered o'er

His ruin'd sides and summit hoar,

While on the north, through middle air,

Ben-an up-heaved his forehead bare."




C. H. G.