Be Loyal

Go FORTH  to the battle of life, my boy;

Go while it is called today; 

For the years go out, and the years come  in, 

Regardless of those who may lose or win,

Of those who may work or play.

And the troops march steadily on, my boy,

To the army gone before. 

You may hear the sound of their falling feet 

Going down to the river where the two worlds meet,

They go to return no more.

There is room for you in the ranks, my boy,

And the duty, too, assigned, 

Step into the ranks with a cheerful grace, 

Be quick if another will take your place,

And you may be left behind.

There is work to do by the way, my boy,

That you never can tread again; 

Work for the loftiest, lowliest men; 

Work for the plow, adz, spindle, and pen,

Work for the hands and the brain.

The serpent will be at your steps, my boy,

To lay for your feet a snare; 

And pleasure sits in her fairy bowers, 

With garlands of poppies, and lotus flowers,

Enwreathing her golden hair.

Temptations will wait by the way, my boy,

In the beautiful days of youth; 

Temptations without, and temptations within, 

And spirits of evil in robes as fair

As the holiest angels in Heaven wear,

Will lure you to deadly sin.

Then put on the armor of God, my boy,

In the beautiful days of  youth; 

Put on  the  helmet,  breastplate,  and shield, 

And the sword that the feeblest arm can wield,

In the cause of right and truth.

And go to the battle of life, my boy,

With the peace of the gospel shod, 

And before high Heaven  do the best you can, 

For the great reward, for the good of man,

For the kingdom and crown  of God.