The Sermon

WHATSOE'ER you find to do,

Do it, boys, with all your might;

Never be a little true,

Or a little in the right.

Trifles even

Lead to Heaven;

Trifles make the life of man;

So in all things,

Great or small things,

Be as thorough as you can.

Let no speck their surface dim

Spotless truth and honor bright!

I'd not give a fig for him

Who says any lie is white!

He who falters,

Twists or alters

Little atoms when we speak,

May deceive me,

But, believe me,

To himself he is a sneak.

Help the weak if you are strong,

Love the old if you are young;

Own your fault if you are wrong,

If you're angry, hold your tongue.

In each duty

Lies a beauty

If your eyes you do not shut;

Just as surely

And securely

As a kernel in a nut?

Love with all your heart and soul,

Love with eye and ear and touch;

That's the moral of the whole,

You can never love too much!

'Tis the glory

Of the story

In our babyhood begun;

Hearts without it

(Never doubt it)

Are as worlds without a sun!

If you think a word will please,

Say it if it is but true;

Words may give delight with ease

When no act is asked from you.

Words may often

Soothe and soften,

Gild a joy or heal a pain;

They are treasures

Yielding pleasures;

It is wicked to retain!

Whatsoe'er you find to do,

Do it then with all your might;

Let your prayers be strong and true,

Prayer, my lads, will keep you right.

Pray in all things,

Great and small things,

Like a Christian gentleman;

And forever,

Now and ever,

Be as thorough as you can.