O’ER Arabia's desert sands 

The patient camel walks; 

'Mid lonely caves and rocky lands

The fell hyena stalks. 

On the cool and shady hills

Coffee shrubs and tamarinds grow; 

Headlong fall the welcome rills 

Down the fruitful dells below.

The fragrant myrrh and healing balm

Perfume the passing gale; 

Thick hung with dates, the spreading palm

Towers o'er the peopled vale. 

Locusts oft, a living cloud,

Hover in the darkened air, 

Like a torrent dashing loud,

Bringing famine and despair.

And often o'er the level waste

The stifling hot winds fly; 

Down falls the swain with trembling haste,

The gasping cattle die. 

Shepherd people on the plain

Pitch their tents and wander free; 

Wealthy cities they disdain,

Poor, yet blest with liberty.

Lucy Aikin.