The New Year

I AM coming to the cottage

And to the lonely hall,

To loving homes, to lonely hearths

Coming to one, to all!

No wish can shut me from your doors,

No prayers my step delay;

To high and low, to rich and poor,

Comes the glad New-Year's day.

To happy homes and happy hearts,

A welcome guest I'll prove,

Bringing choice gifts and wishes kind

From those who dearly love;

And children from their little beds

Will watch this morning's ray,

And laugh and shout aloud for joy

That this is New-Year's day

To saddened homes and mourning hearts,

I come with gentle tread,

And over hearts most desolate

A hallowed radiance shed;

Whispering of hope to hopeless ones,

Joy to the joyless heart,

Telling of Him whose life and light

A heavenly peace impart.

Oh, thank God for the glad New Year 

His gift, direct from Heaven,

And by our lives let us declare

It is in mercy given.

Whether we greet it with a smile,

Or with the falling tear,

Thank God for all, and from our hearts

Welcome the glad New Year.

Mothers' Treasury.