Work Away

WORK away!

For the Master's eye is on us, 

Never off us, still upon us, 

Night and day! 

Work away!

Keep the busy fingers plying; 

Keep the ceaseless shuttles flying;

See that never thread lies wrong; 

Let not clash or clatter round us, 

Sound of whirring wheels, confound us; 

Steady hand! Let woof be strong 

And firm that has to lust so long! 

Work away!

Bring your, axes, woodmen true; 

Smite the forest till the blue 

Of heaven's sunny eye looks through 

Every wide and tangled glade; 

Jungle, swamp, and thicket shade, 

Give to day!

O'er the torrents fling your bridges, 

Pioneers!  Upon the ridges

Widen, smooth the rocky stair  

They that follow far behind, 

Coming after us, will find

Surer, easier footing there; 

Heart to heart, and hand with hand, 

From the dawn to dusk of day, 

Work away!

Scouts upon the mountain's peak 

Ye that see the promised land, 

Hearken us!  For  ye  can speak

Of the country ye have scanned 

Far away!

Work away!

For the  Father's eye is  on  us, 

Never off us, still upon us,

Night and day!

Work and pray!

Pray!  And work  will  be  completer; 

Work!  And prayer will be  the sweeter; 

Love! And  prayer and work the fleeter 

Will ascend upon their way!

Live in future as in present;

Work for both while yet the day 

Is our own!  For lord and peasant;

Long and bright as summer's  day, 

Cometh, yet more sure, more pleasant,

Cometh soon our holiday;

Work away!