WHAT is Jesus doing? Jesus is seeking; 

Seeking the lost on the mountains of sin 

 Bringing the straying, the wandering in, 

Bearing them back on a shepherd's strong breast, 

Safe in the fold of his favor to rest. 

Jesus is seeking.

What is Jesus doing? Jesus is pleading; 

Pleading for sinners, that God will forgive, 

Pardon the rebels, let guilty ones live; 

Showing his merits, the wounds he received. 

Still, in his patience, though slighted and grieved, 

Jesus is pleading.

What is Jesus doing? Jesus is blessing;

Blessing the thankless, the poor, the distressed, 

Blessing the needy, the weak, the oppressed; 

Wave after wave from a bottomless sea, 

Ever, unceasingly, boundless, and free, 

Jesus is blessing.

What is Jesus doing? Jesus is watching; 

Watching with tenderest, pitiful eye, 

Guarding his loved ones when danger is nigh: 

Nothing can harm them, they dwell in his sight 

Safe, while their pathway, by day and by night, 

Jesus is watching.

What is Jesus doing? He is preparing

Mansions of gladness, bright dwellings of rest, 

Royal abodes in the realms of the blest; 

Mounting the chariot of glory, that waits, 

Safely to bear us to Heaven's pearly gates, 

Jesus is coming !