Little Things

A DAISY is a little thing

Grows, perchance, unheeded,

Yet the little simple flower

On the earth is needed.

A raindrop is a little thing,

Many make the showers;

Little moments flitting by

Make up all the hours.

One little star at close of day

"Vainly seems to twinkle,

Till at length the shining host

All the blue arch sprinkle.

A smile is but a little thing

To the happy giver,

Yet it oft times leaves a calm

On life's boisterous river.

Gentle words are never lost,

However small their seeming,

Sunny rays of love are they

O'er our pathway gleaming.

Ah, it is the little things

Little joys and trials,

Little pleasures, little griefs,

And little self-denials.

Little hopes and little fears

Fill our morn and even;

Little beams of love and faith

Light our way to Heaven.

Children's Friend.