OVER the earth the snow lies deep 

The white snow-feathers so fair and soft 

How strange that the black clouds' swarthy wings 

Should scatter in their dark flights aloft

Such beautiful plumes, such wonderful things, 

When the world is hushed in sleep!

Under the shelving banks of ice, 

Like a glittering serpent black and white, 

The river crawls and moans with cold; 

The waterfall is a castle bright,

With gleaming domes and turrets bold, 

And spires of rare device.

Silent the snow falls from the sky, 

And dumb is the earth, no warmth, no breath;

For the mystic weight of the ghostly snow 

Lies on her face like the pallor of death;

But the warm heart beats through her trance below, 

Throbs ever and will not die.

Ladies' Repository.

See the cloak of winter

Lies upon the earth; 

Now our cheerful parlor 

Has a blazing hearth.

Now our windows whiten,

With the frosty rime, 

As God writes new beauty

In each season's time.

So we know His watch-care,

So we learn to say, 

God is God of winter,

As of summer day


LITTLE children, bring your penny

Every Sabbath-day; 

Do not say you haven't any;

Do not keep away. 

Many littles make a many, 

Don't forget to bring your penny.