Spring Is Coming

Spring is coming, Spring so fair, 

Teeming with ambrosial air; 

Coming with its perfumed breath, 

Scattering the shades of death, 

'Mid the varied scenes of earth, 

Bringing life and joy to birth. 

'Tis a spring ne'er seen before, 

Of which the prophets sang of yore; 

A Spring whose flowers will never fade, 

A Spring whose sunshine knows no shade; 

A Spring that fears no withering blight, 

A Spring of never-ending light.

Oh! Haste, perpetual Spring of joy, 

Of peace and love without alloy, 

Bid old bleak wintry Time be gone, 

And bring us the eternal morn. 

Let life spring up from land and sea, 

And form the blood-washed company; 

Let thorns and thistles cease to grow, 

And joy set every heart aglow. 

Let hills, and rocks, and valleys sing, 

Rejoicing with the new-born Spring; 

Let the desert waste be glad, 

The barren land with verdure clad; 

Let the trees of healing grow, 

Bury scenes of want and woe. 

Let  earth's loved ones wake  to  life  

Haste, 0 Spring, and end the strife.

  World's Crisis


SWEET spring has come!

  Sweet spring has come!

Her steps are on the hills; 

She breathes upon the valleys now,

She breathes upon the rills.

She fills the air with singing birds,

She brings refreshing showers; 

We hear her music all around,

We hear it in the bowers.

Then lift your voices high!  0 Man!

A joyful tribute bring! 

Join with the music all around,

The music of the spring.