“I’ll Come Again”

"I'LL come again,”

The very same, 

As when I went away.

My signs I'll show,

That you may know,

The nearness of that day.

The sun so bright,

Shall not give light, 

The moon shall darkened be;

The stars shall all,

Like green figs fall,

When shaken from the tree.

Now no one need

To be deceived,

By those who falsely cry:

"Lo, Christ has come!

I am the one,"

For they these truths deny.

I come not in

The desert lone,

Nor in the secret chamber;

As lightnings flash

Forth from the east,

I'll come your Lord and Saviour.

Now if you heed

What I have said,

The signs, which I have given,

When I shall come

I'll take you home,

To dwell with me in heaven.

No sorrow there,

No woe nor care,

Shall mar thy perfect bliss;

But joys untold

Shall fill thy soul,

In brighter worlds than this.

L. J. K.