My Voice Shalt Thou Hear In The Morning


MY voice shalt Thou hear this morning,

For the shades have passed away, 

And out from the dark, like a joyous lark,

My heart soars up with the day; 

And its burden all is blessing,

And its accents all are song; 

For Thou hast refreshed its slumbers,

And Thy strength hath made it strong.

My voice shalt Thou hear this morning,

For the day is all unknown; 

And I am afraid, without Thine aid,

To travel its hours alone. 

Give me Thy light to lead me,

Give me Thy hand to guide, 

Give me Thy living presence

To journey side by side.

Star of eternal morning,

Sun that can ne'er decline, 

Day that is bright with unfading light,

Ever above me shine. 

For the night shall all be noontide,

And the clouds shall vanish far, 

When my path of life is gilded

By the Bright and Morning Star.

George Matheson,