DARLING baby Eva, 

_ Kneeling by my chair, 

In the autumn twilight, 

Lisping out her prayer.

Small hands clasped together,

Bowed the golden head, 

Blue eyes closed, lips parted, 

"Our Father," faintly said.

Then, as the head bowed lower

Upon my darling's breast, 

Came, "Eva seepy, mamma,

And Dod knows all the rest."

I took my sleeping child

With all a mother's love, 

And laid her down to rest, 

Then knelt to God above.

And while the evening shadows

Were falling silently, 

I asked for her a blessing

There, on my bended knee.

One half my yearning thoughts 

My words have ne'er expressed;

But still I feel, with her, 

That God knows all the rest.

 F. S. Lovejoy.