“BY-AND-BY" is a very bad boy; 

Shun him at once and forever; 

For they who travel with "By-and-by" 

Soon come to the house of "Never." 

"I Can't" is a mean little coward: 

A boy that is half a man; 

Set on him a plucky young terrier, 

That the world knows and honors—

"I Can." 

"No Use in Trying "—nonsense, I say: 

Keep trying until you succeed; 

But if you should meet "I Forgot" by the way, 

He's a cheat, and you'd better take heed. 

"Don't Care "and "No Matter," 

boys they're a pair, 

And whenever you see the poor dolts, 

Say, "Yes, we do care," and 't would be 

"Great Matter " 

If our lives should be spoiled by small faults. 

—Harper's Young People