CHILDREN, all along your pathway 

Let the light of kindness shine;

Evil thoughts and selfish actions,

Harsh, cold words, and frowns resign.

Jesus loves a heart that's cheerful,

Full of gentle, kindly words; 

For the voice of love is sweeter

Than the songs of singing birds.

Kindness cheers the broken-hearted, 

Makes the sick and weary smile;

Loving words full oft the sadness 

From earth's sorrowing ones beguile.

Then, dear children, e'er speak kindly;

Look to God in humble prayer; 

Heaven is growing ever nearer,

Where all things are pure and fair.

Christ, the gracious Saviour, sees you 

From his home in bliss above;

Then speak ever kindly, gently; 

Darling children, "Walk in love."

 S. S. Advocate.


To work and to win I am trying,

From day to day; 

Because the moments are flying

Swiftly away, 

And this of my day is the dawning,

When I must sow 

The seed that if sown in the morning

Is sure to grow. 

So I'll sow and sing, 

In my youth's bright spring; 

And I'll sing and sow, 

For my seed must grow!