God Of Our Childhood

GOD of our childhood, God of our youth,

God never erring, God of all truth,

God of the sunshine, God of the storm,

God of the spring-time, joyous and warm,

God of the summer, myrtle, and vine,

God of the autumn, the harvest's shrine,

God of the winter, its frost and blast, "

God of the present, future, and past.

God of the city, God of the state,

God of the nation, happy and great,

God of the Bible, Sabbath and rest,

God of our school, so signally blest,

God our defense by day and by night,

God our redeemer, leader and light,

List to our tribute, grateful and new,

Love hast thou shown as, constant and true.

Slow to avenge, and quick to forgive,

God of all mercy, yet while we live,

Pardon our errors, frequent and sad.

Strengthen our footsteps, our way make glad,

Keep us in childhood, guide us in youth,

Cheer us in time by the arm of thy truth,

Firm in the conflict, earth's earnest strife,

Raise us at last to the heavenly life.

S. S. Times