THE world for the dead Christ weepeth, 

And holdeth her Lenten fast; 

Doth she think that Christ still sleepeth, 

And night is not overpast? 

Nay, but the word is spoken, 

Nay, but the tomb is broken, 

And "Christ is risen! Yea, Christ is risen indeed!" 

Long past is the Lenten moaning, 

Long past is the bitter night, 

Long past is the Easter dawning, 

Now it is noonday light; 

Set every song to gladness; 

Why should the Bride have sadness? 

Her "Lord is risen! Her Lord is risen indeed!" 

He suffered once and forever 

The cross, the smiting, and pain; 

Once did the sepulchre sever, 

But never, never again, 

Earth nor hell can bereave us; 

Jesus never will leave us, 

For "He hath risen! Yea, He hath risen indeed!" 

Always so ready to ease us, 

Always so willing to stay, 

Pray, pray that the living Jesus 

May walk with us day by day. 

Always the Easter glory, 

Always the same glad story,— 

"The Christ is risen! The Christ is risen indeed!" 

Lillie B. Barr.