Shower And Flower

Down the little drops patter, 

Making a musical clatter, 

Out of the clouds they throng; 

Freshness of heaven they scatter

Little dark rootlets among. 

"Coming to visit you, Posies!

Open your hearts to us, Roses!" 

That is the raindrop's song.

Up the little seed rises: 

Buds of all colors and sizes

Clamber up out of the ground; 

Gently the blue sky surprises

The earth with that soft, rushing sound. 

"Welcome!" the brown bees are humming; 

"Come! For we wait for your coming!" 

Whisper the wild flowers around.

"Shower, it is pleasant to hear you!" 

Flower, it is sweet to be near you!"

This is the song everywhere. 

Listen! The music will cheer you!

Raindrop and blossom so fair 

Gladly are meeting together 

Out in the beautiful weather: 

Oh, the sweet song in the air.

Lucy Lincom, in St. Nicholas.