The Road To School


TWO little sisters, Maud and May,

Going to school on a bright spring day;

Two little sunbonnets shading their eyes,

Bright as the stars in the summer skies.

Over the fields where the daisies grow,

Lately covered with drifting snow;

Past the cot on the green hillside,

Under the shade of the poplars wide;

Over the bridge, where the waters ran;

Past the hut of the "naughty man."

Haste, little Maud, and run, little May;

You must be early at school today.

Ah! They are stopping to play, I see,

Under the shade of the forest tree.

Why! Little Maud, you have lost your book,

Watching the fish in the dancing brook!

See how the ‘minnows' shining eyes

Gaze at the book in mute surprise.

"Poor little girls!" they seem to say,

"Why did you stop in the grove to play?

"Do you not know that the good Lord sees

Two naughty girls 'neath the shady trees?

Haste, little Maud, and run, little May,"

These are the words that the fishes say.