The Gospel Decalogue.

1 No other gods shall thou adore;

None other love but me.

2 To sculptured or to pictured forms,

Thou shalt not bow thy knee.

3 Speak not God's name with lips profane;

Each word shall judgment find.

4 Remember thou the Sabbath day,

For holy rest designed.

5 Obey thy parents in the Lord,

And life is promised thee.

6 Thou shalt not steal thy neighbor's goods

Secure from harm shall be.

7 No lustful look, or thought, shalt thou

Permit to stain thy mind.

8 No murder shalt thou do, nor e'er

To anger be inclined.

9 No lying witness shalt thou bear

Against thy neighbor's name:

10. Nor wish, with covetous desire,

His houses, lands or fame.

God seen in all His works

If wisdom's ways you wisely seek,

First things observe with care:

To whom you speak, 

Of whom you speak,

And how and when and where.