OUR Father who in Heaven art, 

Give me a grateful, contrite heart, 

Make me a gentle, loving child, 

With temper meek, and passions mild.

Oh! Make me worthy of thy love, 

Send down thy Spirit from above; 

Increase my joys, soothe all my woes, 

And let me on thine arm repose.

From early morn to dewy night, 

Be thou my heart's supreme delight; 

Direct my steps, control my will, 

And bid each angry thought be still.

Dear Saviour, from thy throne on high 

Regard me with a gracious eye; 

Forgive my faults, my follies hide, 

Be thou my strength, my guard, and guide.

Our Father who in Heaven art, 

Give me a new, and guiltless heart, 

Cleanse me from every secret sin, 

That I a golden crown may win.

Through all life's dark and thorny ways 

Teach me thy tender love to praise, 

And when at last my race is run, 

Oh! May I hear thee say, "Well done."