VIOLET, why are your eyes of blue

Wet with tears of the morning dew?

Rosebud, why do you blush and start,

And hide the crystal gem at your heart?

Lily, what are you doing there,

With your bells a-swing in the balmy air?

A light breeze, born of the morning hours,

Stole softly o'er the banks of flowers;

And listening closely, I seemed to hear,

Chimed in silvery voices clear,—

"We are blessing the earth with our wealth

of bloom;

We are loading the air with a rare perfume;

All things have. their mission, and God gives

us ours,

And this is a part of the mission of flowers:

To give life to the weary, and hope to the


Fresh faith to the faithless, new joys to the


To cheer the desponding, give strength to

the weak;

To bring health's bright bloom to the invalid's


To blush on the brow of the beautiful bride;

To cheer homes of mourning where sorrow


To furnish the home with a lasting delight,

With our perfumes so lovely, our blossoms

so bright.

In low, voiceless language we're striving to


How God, in his wisdom, does everything


The Creator has written on every leaf

And flower that unfolds in the summertime


A record of love and kindness and care

That surround us with beauty and grace


So violet, rosebud, and lily can show

God's bountiful love to his children below.