THE hills unbound leap forth at last,

The blue sky bendeth low,

To meet and kiss the dear brown hills

It kissed a year ago;  

The feathered songsters of the air

Trill out in glad refrain, 

"Our God is good and loveth us; 

Bring forth the golden grain."

Go, sower, to the faithful fields,

And hide the fruitful seed, 

Then trust through all the summer days

To Him who knows our need; 

While earth and air, and faith and hope

Repeat the glad refrain, 

"Our God is good and loveth us,

And giveth all our gain."

The furrows sown by sorrow's hand,

And watered well with tears,   

May yield us at the harvest time

The ripest, richest ears; 

And broken hearts rise up at last

To join the deep refrain, 

"Our God is good and loveth us,

Nor giveth needless pain."

Go forth, oh hearts with sorrow bowed,

Go forth, hearts gay and light, 

And whatsoe'er thy hand doth find,

That do thou with thy might; 

Till every deed, and every life,

Re-echoes the acclaim, 

"Our God is good and loveth us, 

All honor to his name."

Good Words