The Golden gate

WOULD the little children know

Where the peaceful waters flow,

Where the sweetest Bowers grow

Along the path of life?

Where the meadows are more green,

Where the brightest birds are seen,

Where the skies are all serene,

And where there is no strife?

Yonder is the "golden gate,"

All around the angels wait,

There the narrow path is straight;

Dear children, enter in.

Here the Shepherd feeds his sheep,

Here the lambs securely sleep,

Here's a fountain pure and deep 

To wash away our sin. .

Near there is a broader way,

Where the thoughtless and the gay

Throw their priceless souls away,

Forgetful of their God.

There the gate is open wide,

And the tempter stands beside,

Luring on the thoughtless tide,

Adown the dreadful road.

Children, turn not to the right,

Nor the left; but in the light

Of the gospel pure and bright,

Seek to be forgiven.

Enter through the "golden gate,"

Where the angels gently wait,

Where the narrow path is straight,

Leading up to Heaven.

Baltimore Methodist.