God Is Good

God is good, says a little bird,

Singing vespers in yonder tree,

Sweeter notes I have never heard,

Carol more joyous, wild or free.

There in his nest, 'mid the maple leaves,

All to love and nothing to fear,

Yonder the farmer's nut-brown sheaves,

Yield to his household the best of cheer,

Feeding and watering his tender brood,

Gaily caroling, God is good.

God is good, says the sunshine sweet,

Softly sleeping in yonder glen,

Safe from the dust of the busy street,

Far from the noisy haunts of men.

The murmuring song of the babbling brook,

The quivering joy of the forest flowers,

The fragrant thought of each quiet nook,

Chased away by the flying hours,

Thro' the meadow and thro' the wood,

Everywhere whispering, God is good.

God is good, says the gentle rain,

Blessing the dry and dusty earth,

Bringing the velvet grass again,

Giving the autumn blossoms birth,

Clothing the hills in living green,

Wrapping the mountain in misty white,

Changing the morning's beautiful sheen

Into a sober and thoughtful light,

Dropping its pearls in quiet mood,

Constantly telling us, God is good.

God is good, say the glorious things,

Coming and going with every day,

Tho' they speed from us on shining wings,

Tho' not long doth their brightness stay,

Gather the dew while the morning lasts;

Prison the sunbeams while they are shining,

Lest when our sky is overcast,

Clouds may be void of a " silver lining,"

So shall our hearts on life's weariest road,

Evermore murmur, God is good.

New Covenant