I'LL put away my pretty toys, 

And lay my slate aside, 

My picture-books upon the shelf,

Quite neatly, side by side. 

I wish to put them all away: 

Tomorrow is the Sabbath day.

I'll try, God helping me, to spend

The Sabbath as I ought, 

And pray that I be kept from sin

In deed and word and thought. 

I'll put my playthings all away: 

Tomorrow is the Sabbath day.

I'll ask the Lord to bless me, when

Up to his house I come; 

To help me in the Sabbath school;

To bless me in my home;  

To put all sinful thoughts away 

Upon his holy Sabbath day.

Lord, keep a little sinful child

Under thy watchful care; 

Forgive her many, many sins,

And guard her everywhere; 

And let her love to praise and pray 

Upon thy blessed Sabbath day.

Children's friend.