The Morning Of Life


RlDING on the haycart, 

Hiding in the hay,  

Gladly picking berries, 

Till 'tis work, not play.

"Wish I had my trumpet!" 

"Wish I had my drum!" 

"All the clouds are crying, 

See the raindrops come."

Little hat and sunbonnet

Seldom on the pegs. 

Looking after hens' nests 

"Only pattern eggs!"

Eyes as blue as berries,

When the bird's nest's found. 

Lips as red as cherries 

"It grows on the ground."

Saving all the old ones, 

"For the birds next year" 

"Crows can't catch the chickens, 

Vieva and I are here."

"Can a fish do thinking?" 

"There, I've caught an eel!"

"See the grasshops winking." 

"Wonder if they feel."

Deep in small ship-building,

Sailing paper boat. 

"When can I have trousers, 

And a man's great-coat?"

Sewing for "the million,"

Is it, or not quite? 

"Only twenty dollies," 

Counted up tonight.

"What for do they call these

'Little dusty millers'?" 

"What are skeelers made for'?" 

And "what, patty-killers?"

"See the troops and horses

In the fire there." 

"No, you see 'ts a dolly,

In a little chair."

"Toads are dull and poky." 

"Wonder if they know 

Children lose their breakfast, 

When they are so slow?"

Girl can wash the dishes,

Make a saucer pie. 

''I have learned 'most ev'rything, 

Auntie, haven't I?"

Boy has graduated,

(No diploma written). 

He "can count to twenty,"

And "catch the wildest kitten."

Oh, the strangest questions,

Ad infinitum. 

Cyclopedia's useless,

Dictionary's dumb.

"Hold me, please," says nightdress,

Eyes of brown or blue, 

"When I'm big I'll love you,

And I'll hold you too."

Mary Martin