My Guide

 "I know not the way I am going

But well do I know my Guide, 

With a childlike trust I give my hand

To the Mighty Friend by my side. 

The only thing that I say to him

As he takes it, is, 'Hold it fast, 

Suffer me not to lose my way,

And bring me home at last.'

"As when some helpless wanderer,

Alone in an unknown land, 

Tells the guide his destined place of rest,

And leaves all else in his hand. 

'T is home, 't is home, that we wish to reach; 

He that guides us may choose the way; 

Little we seek which road we take, 

If nearer home each day."

 Annie Holyoke.

MODEST white clover, your dress is not so gay,

Yet sweetness and fragrance you breathe all the day.

So dear little children should not live for show, 

But kindness and love from each action should flow.