IN the Bible, a very nice tale we are told 

That when a good man was grown very old, 

Two grandsons were brought very near to his bed, 

When he prayed unto God for the children, and said,

"Bless the lads."

Just so let us pray that the God of all grace 

May lend all our boys to walk in his ways, 

That they may grow wiser and better each day. 

Let all who now love them forget not to say,

Bless the lads.

For our boys are the hope and the joy of our life 

When they keep out of mischief and quarrel and strife, 

When they grow up more loving and gentle and true, 

Then for them we would gladly the good prayer renew, 

"Bless the lads."

May our lads love the Saviour, and through all their days 

Live only to serve him and show forth his praise; 

And then we may hope Jesus will at the last, 

When weeks, months and years on earth are all past 

"Bless the lads."