Rosy Snow


ROSY snow on the roofs in the morning; .

Drifts in the hollows, by wild winds curled;

Bells on the beaten road chime away cheeringly—

Oh, the great white world!

Brown little sparrows on twigs bare and red,

You shall have crumbs both of cake and of bread—

I will remember you, flitting unfearingly

Out in the great, white world!

Rosy snow on the orchard this morning!

Faint-flushed blossoms with crisp edges curled;

Soft-floating petals by blithe breezes flung to me—

Oh, the sweet., white world!

Young, whistling robin, with round, ruddy breast,

I'll never touch your blue eggs in the nest;

I will remember the welcome you've sung to me

Out in the sweet, white world!



St. Nicholas