IN the upper regions, 

By companies and legions, 

The vapors collected in crowds, 

And counseled and blustered, 

And marshalled and mustered, 

And formed themselves into clouds. 

Down from the other world, 

Down to the nether-world, 

Silently, solemn, and slow, 

Soft as the eider-down, 

Light as a spider-gown, 

Came the beautiful snow. 

Then faster and faster, 

Till over the pasture, 

Over the ponds and the lakes, 

Over the meadow-lots, 

Over the garden-plots, 

Lay the beautiful flakes. 

Then with the snowing, 

Puffing and blowing, 

Old Boreas came bellowing by, 

Till over the by-ways, 

And over the highways, 

The snowdrifts were ever so high. 

Little Sower.