Christ And The Children

LITTLE children! How he loved them!

Passing all the grown folks by,

Just to raise the little children,

On his breast he let them lie.

Let them "come," that means, to love him,

And to do his bidding sweet;

He has many little errands, 

Fitted well for little feet.

Sometimes what he says is harder:

"Let the restless feet be still"

If the little heart is patient,  

That is doing Jesus' will. 

"He it is,"he says," Who loves me,

That will my commandments do.

There are many he has left us 

That are plain enough for you.

"Overcome with good the evil."

When some little playmate strikes

If you give a gentle answer

That will be what Jesus likes.

Let this loving Saviour, children

Teach and lead you all your days 

In green pastures, by still waters 

Jesus' ways are pleasant ways.

Morning Light