Christ And The Little Ones.

"THE Master has come over Jordan,"

Said Hannah, the mother, one day,

"He is healing the people who throng him

With a touch of his finger," they say.

"And now I shall carry the children,

Little Rachel, and Samuel, and John,

And the youngest the baby Esther,

For the Lord to look upon."

The father looked at her kindly,

But he shook his head and smiled,

"Now who but a doting mother

Would think of a thing so wild?

"If the children were tortured by demons,

Or dying of fever, 'twere well

Or had they the taint of the leper.

Like many in Israel."

"Now do not hinder me, Nathan

I feel such a burden of care;

If I carry it to the Master,

Perhaps I shall leave it there.

"If he lay his hand on the children,

My heart will be lighter, I know,

For a blessing forever and ever,

Will follow them as they go,"

So, over the hills of Jordan,

Along by the vine-rows green,

With Esther asleep on her bosom,

And Rachel her brothers between:

Among the people who hung on His teaching,

Or waited his touch and his word,

Through the rout of proud Pharisees, listening,

She pressed to the feet of the Lord.

"Now, why shouldst thou hinder the Master,

Said Peter, "with children like these 

Seest not how from morning till evening,

He teacheth and healeth disease!"

Then Christ said, " Forbid not the children,

Permit them to come unto me!

And he-took in his arms little Esther,

And Rachel he set on his knee.

And the heavy heart of the mother

Was lifted all earth care above,

As he laid his hand on the brothers,

And blessed them with tenderest love.

Little Pilgrim,