A Child’s Questioning

DEAR Jesus, wilt thou lead me in the way?

"I will, my child, if thou wilt trust and pray."

Dear Jesus, wilt thou come into my heart?

"I will my child; choose thou the better part."

Dear Jesus, wilt thou be my loving Guest?

I will, my child, and bring thee sweetest rest."

And, Saviour, wilt thou give me faith in thee?

"Lamb of my fold, I will; look thou to me."

And wilt thou grant thy Spirit, Saviour dear?

"My promise, it is sure; thou need'st not fear."

And if life's way be dark, my Heavenly Friend?

"Then help and comfort I will quickly send."

And if temptations come, and I am weak?

"Thou shalt find help in me, if help thou seek."

—Child's World