KEEP pushing 'tis wiser

Than setting aside, 

And dreaming and sighing

And waiting the tide. 

In life's earnest battle

They only prevail, 

Who daily march onward

And never say fail.



ONLY a sunbeam! Yet its bright ray

Clothes with their beauty the flowers as they grow, 

Gladdens the heart in some wretched abode,

Lights up a smile on the aspect of woe.

Only a breeze! Yet some feverish brow, 

Cooled by its touch, throbs no longer with pain.

Only a smile! But o'er some weary heart, 

Banishing sorrow, it breathes joy again.

Only a frown! But it crushes and grieves, 

Sending a chill to the fond, loving heart;

Hot, gushing tears and the quivering lip 

Telling how keen was the stroke of its dart.

Only a word an encouraging word,

Yet it speaks strength when despondencies roll, 

Housing afresh to the conflict of life,

Onward to victory, bearing the soul.

Only a life--life that flies like a dream;

Yet if well spent to the ends for which given, 

Training for duty, and shaping the soul

For glory and honor immortal in Heaven.

American Messenger.