If you're told to do a thing,

And mean to do it really,

Never let it be by halves;

Do it fully, freely.

Do not make a poor excuse,

Waiting, weak, unsteady;

All obedience worth the name

Must be prompt and ready.

When father calls, though pleasant be

The play you are pursuing,

Do not any, "I'll come when I

Have finished what I'm doing."

If you're told to learn a task,

And you should begin it,

Do not tell your teacher, "Yes,

I'm coming in a minute."

Waste not moments, nor your words,

In telling what you could do

Some other time; the present is

The time for what you should do.

Don't do right unwillingly,

And stop to plan and measure;

'Tis working with the heart and soul

That makes our duty pleasure.