DON'T you be afraid, boys,

To whistle loud and long,

Although your quiet sisters

Should call it rude or wrong.

Keep yourselves good-natured,

And if smiling fails,

Ask them if they ever saw

Muzzles on the quails!

Or the lovely red rose

Try to hide her flag,

Or the June to smother all

Her robins in a bag!

If they say the teaching

Of nature isn't true,

Get astride the fence, boys,

And answer with a Whew!


I'll tell you what it is, boys,

No water-wheel will spin,

Unless you set a whistle

At the head of every pin.


And never a kite flew skyward

In triumph like a wing

Without the glad vibration

Of a whistle in the string.


And when the days are vanished

For idleness and play,

'T will make your labors lighter

To whistle care away.


So don't you be afraid, boys,

In spite of bar and ban,

To whistle,—it will help you each

To make an honest man.



Alice Cary.