OH, how I love the spring-time, 

So pleasant and so sweet, 

The bright blue sky above me,

The daisies at my feet; 

The joyous birds are singing,

The air is full of glee, 

God surely made the spring-time 

For a little child like me.

The primroses are beautiful,

The buttercups are bright, 

The streams are music making,

The world is filled with light; 

I feel so very gladsome,

I wish that I could fly, 

With yonder lark up-soaring

Away into the sky.

On the green grass I sit me,

And there I play for hours, 

And loving little fingers

Deck my young head with flowers. 

Oh, yes, I love the spring-time,

Soft breezes toss my hair, 

New life in all its beauty

Is round me everywhere