“TAP-TAP,  Tap-tap!" I wonder what's that,—

Is somebody building a house?

"Tap-tap! Tap-tap!" and a quick "rat-tat,"

Then everything still as a mouse.


"Tap-tap! Tap-tap!" Why, who can it be?

Are the fairies at work in the wood?

"Tap-tap! Tap-tap!" We surely must see

What's doing of bad or of good.


"Tap-tap! Tap-tap!" Some carpenter sure;

Here's sawdust all scattered about.

But where can he keep himself hid so secure?

That's something we'll have to find out.


"Tap-tap! Tap-tap!" Ah, there! Now

I see

A flash like the brightest of flame..

There he goes! There he goes! In that

old hollow tree—

Golden - winged Woodpecker's his






Elizabeth A. Davis.