Grandest Hearts

She sat on the porch in the sunshine, 

As I went down the street,— 

A woman whose hair was silver

But whose face was blossomed sweet, 

Making me think of a garden, 

Where, in spite of the frost and snow 

Of bleak November weather, 

Late, fragrant lilies blow. 

I heard a footstep behind me, 

And the sound of a merry laugh, 

And I knew the heart it came from 

Would be like a comforting staff 

In the time and hour of trouble, 

Hopeful and brave and strong; 

One of the hearts to lean on 

When we think that things go wrong. 

I turned at the click of the gate latch, 

And met his manly look; 

A face like his gives me pleasure, 

Like the page of an open book. 

It told of a steadfast purpose, 

Of a brave and daring will— 

A face with a promise in it, 

That, God grant, the years fulfill. 

He went up the pathway singing; 

I saw the woman's eyes 

Grow bright with a wordless welcome, 

As sunshine warms the skies. 

He cried, and bent to kiss 

The loving face that was lifted 

For what some mothers miss. 

That boy will do to depend on, 

I hold that this is true— 

From lads in love with their mothers 

Our bravest heroes grew. 

Earth's grandest hearts have been loving hearts, 

Since time and earth began! 

And the boy who kissed his mother 

Is every inch a man! 

L. M. S.