The Snow Storm

The old earth lying bare and cold

Beneath the winter sky

Behold the storm king marshal forth

The battle force on high

“Ah! Soon” she said “beneath the snow

Full warmly I shall lie

The wind unfurled his banners

And rushed into the frays

The round moon hid her jolly face

Within a cloud of grays

And not one single star peeped out

To drive away the gloom away

The snow encamped behind a cloud

Sent flying here and there

Its white winged herald to proclaim

Its presence in the air

Until at task, the fairy host

Burst from its cloudy lair

The snowflakes rushing downward

Each in a whirling dance

Before the winds are driven.

Like armies by the lance

But still upon the waiting earth

The shining hosts advance

The wild wind, shrieking as he goes

Flies fiercely to and fro

And strives, with all his mighty force

To sweep away the snow

But bravely still the soft flakes fall

Upon the Earth below


It Charges with no battle cry

But pure and soft and still

It falls upon the waiting earth

Its promise to fulfill

And foils the angry, shrieking wind

By force of gentle will

The foe has furled his banners

And hastened from the frays

The round moon peeps with jolly face

From out the cloud of gray

And all the stars come twinkling out

To see who gained the day

There all the earth lay shining

In garments pure and white

The snow fulfilled its mission

And, conquering in the fight

Had warmed the old earth to the heart

Beneath its mantle white.


St Nicholas