The Little White Lie

'WAS in trouble beyond any doubt 

I was in trouble and how to get out?

Tell a white lie," said the devil to me.

'Tell a lie?  Oh!  How dreadful!  But what would it be

If I should? Though I never shall tell one," said I.

“Don't be frightened," said he, " we won't call it a lie 

A few words, in their way, quite as good as the truth,

And for this occasion far better, forsooth."

But my little white lie, when I'd told it, grew black;

Then, oh!  How could I hide it, or how get it back?

For it never would do to be caught in a lie,

For 'twas known that a very good youngster was I.

I must manage in some way to keep it from sight;

"Tell one more," said the devil,  " 'twill make it all right."

But my two grew to three, my three were soon four,

And my four gave rise to a dozen or more;

Till I felt in my soul such a sense of disgrace,

I had scarcely one friend I could look in  the face;

And at night to my room I went creeping up stairs 

God is truth!  Could I sleep without saying my prayers?

But my fears and my conscience thus followed about,

Was really half glad when the lie was found out;

For it was it is always the way with a lie 

And all said that a very bad youngster was I.

Good or bad, I have learned in one thing to be wise,

And shun in the future all little white lies.  


Let our actions always tell

On  the book of life,  All's well.

Truly, earnestly, we'll fight

Every action to have right.